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Hope House is the only facility in the State of Tennessee designed to meet the unique needs of HIV Affected Children
Hope House is accredited by NAEYC - National Association for the Education of Young Children.

Imagine a life filled with secrets, criticism, disease, 10 pills a day and tens of thousands of dollars in treatment. Then imagine there was hope.

It’s a haven, a place of rest, peace, learning and laughter. A place where children whose lives cast the shadow of HIV can play without accusation, laugh without being condemned, and have the freedom to just be a child. A place their parents and caregivers can depend on, lean on and trust. It’s a place where hope lives.

Welcome to Hope House

Hope House began out of a desperately growing need. As AIDS began its deadly progression, so commenced research by a committed group of volunteers from the Junior League of Memphis. They discovered that women affected by HIV had special needs. Hope House was the answer.

In 1995, Hope House opened. They offered childcare services to only five children, three days a week. Now almost 50 children and 150 adults receive hope from this house, along with auxiliary services, all focused on making the quality of life better.

It’s All About Being a Child

Many cannot imagine the struggles children at Hope House overcome each day. All of them have a parent or caregiver who is HIV positive, several have endured the challenging loss of a loved one and approximately one-third of these beautiful little ones, ages 6 weeks to 5 years, are known to be HIV positive. But despite all this, infants and children at Hope House flourish. Hope House provides each child with care based on their nutritional, physical, and intellectual needs. They work closely with the children’s medical providers and provide transportation to medical appointments. A Licensed Pediatric Nurse is also on hand in case of emergency and to make sure all medication schedules are met. But above all, Hope House provides a stable environment in which children can address the impact of HIV in their lives.

Hope House believes every child has the right to quality child care. Because of the dedication to this belief, each child currently or previously in the care of Hope House can now look forward to a better future.

Everyone Needs a Helping Hand

No matter what age, people need a place they can turn to for support and care. And that’s what parents consistently find at Hope House. From helping these adults cope with the horrible reality of HIV/AIDS to providing them with transportation, education, housing, and counseling, Hope House plays a vital role in their lives. Hope House provides parent support groups, parent training, medical support, job and GED readiness. Hope House is very aware of the importance of confidentiality to people living under certain circumstances, and works hard to honor that conviction.

Hope House is a friend to all ages and strives to help parents in any way possible. Whether it is a ride to a doctor’s appointment, help with GED assignments, or just a listening ear, Hope House is there.

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