Hope House Clients Give Back

Monday afternoon held a special surprise for the employees of Hope House. As the scents of savory wings and sweet barbecue ribs wafted through our beloved blue house, clients called for all the staff to make their way to the support group room.

A colorful table boasted an abundance of home-cooked food,These kind clients had collaborated to create a feast of Southern cuisine.  Everyone took their seats and what followed was a heartfelt thank you from several longstanding clients.

In the words of one client, "this is only a tiny piece of a huge thank you. We can never repay all that Hope House has done for us." After his kind address, everyone enjoyed the meal while laughing together and sharing stories. The staff at Hope House was overwhelmed by the thoughtfulness of these clients. In moments like these, the heartbeat of Hope House pounds unwaveringly - the intangible sense that we are better together and we all thrive in the choice to support one another.

"This is only a tiny piece of a huge thank you!"

Pictured above are our gracious chefs.


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